Tax Consultant.



Our office started in Altea in the year 1990.


The qualifications of the owner is licentiate in Business Studies (at the University of San Vicente/Alicante), and also Agent of the Real-estate Property.


We are a small office specialized in the fiscal and general advice to foreigners in Spain.


Our clients are fundamentally, Dutch,  German, Belgian and English.


We arrange all taxes in Spain for Non Residents and Residents.


In concrete we manage:


Processing of the NIE (Number of Foreigners´ Identification)

Processing of the Community Certificate (Resident in Spain)

Declaration of the Tax for Non Residents with real estate in Spain, with the form called "modelo 210"

Declaration of the Tax  for Residents with the "modelo 100"

Declaration of assets out of Spain with "modelo 720"

Payment of municipal taxes.


Insurance: Houseinsurance and carinsurance.


To it we also arrange:




Holder´s changes and domiciliation of all the receipts to be paid in general.

Advice in the purchase of a house

Advice in the sale of a house


Our clients consider us to be a point of support in general in Spain, and can call and visit us always when they have a problem


Our openinghours are form 9.30 am. - 1 pm from Monday - Friday.


We try  to solve it always in the best possible way.



OBLIGATIONS OF OWNERS OF REAL ESTATE PROPERTY IN SPAIN, when they are NON RESIDENTS (don´t live in Spain permanently).


Owners of a property in Spain should know that they have the following obligations:


* They have to have a Spanish taxnumber, called "Número de Identificación de Extranjeros": N.I.E. This number has to be aplied for at the "Comisaría de Policía".


* They have to pay local rates: "Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles" - I.B.I. Normally most of the people do the payment directly by direct debit of their bank, as it is a bill which is send by the Town Hall or Suma.


* They have to pay also the bill for "Rubbish" : "Exacciones municipales" to the Town Hall or Suma. Also this payment can be paid by direct debit.


* And what a lot of people don´t know: yearly the tax to the Spanish State:  the "Hacienda - Agencia Tributaria Estatal" has to be paid. The Non-Resident tax for houseowners.


This tax has to be declared by the person itself - by filling in official tax forms, and paying throug a Spanish bank. The tax form to be filled in is called a "modelo 210", and most of the people take a tax-adviser / gestoría to represent them at the tax office and fill in this form.


Our office can arrange this tax payment yearly for you. Our fees are 121,00 euros/year/family/property.




Residents in Spain are obliged to do a yearly taxreturn in the months April-June every year.


In April - May - June of the year, the tax year from before (which goes from the 1st of January - 31st of December) has to be declared. So in APRIL - MAY-JUNE OF 2023, the taxyear 2022 (from January the 1st - December the 31st) has to be declared.


The taxreturn has to be done with the form 100, and the tax has to be paid at a Spanish bank.


Our office can arrange this taxreturn for you. Our annual fees are 121,00 euros/year/family.


If a resident has assets out of Spain for a value of more the 50.000 euros on the 31st of December the previous year, also the "MODELO 720" has to be filled in from the 1st of january to the 31st of March each year.


In general our office can help you to arrange that all your direct debits work out fine, we can inform you about the pro´s and contras of being a resident (fiscal) in Spain, calculate for you how much tax you would pay in case you emigrate to Spain.


Also we can inform you about Spanish wills - the convenience of having one - inheritence taxes due in case of decease, proceeds of the inheritence.


We can help you for the aplication of the NIE number, also to become resident and arrange changing  from your English drivingslicence to a Spanish.


We are a helppoint in Spain for foreigners.


Our first consult at our office is always free. So if you wish to come and see us, you can call us for a free consultation.



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